About The Author

Chris DiBella is the author of the NESA Files series. His upcoming novel, Blood Dawn, will be the third installment to feature Sean Mercer and the rest of the NESA team.

Chris lives in Carlsbad, California, where he is active in the local community with other writers helping to spread the word about the wonderful world of books. He can sometimes be seen at local golf courses, pretending he knows how to golf, and he also authors a zombie/horror series under his pen name, Chris Tucker, titled The Infected Diaries.

He is a proud (and loud) member of Red Sox Nation, as well as a huge (and vocal) supporter of the Bruins, Patriots, Revolution, and anything else Boston sports related. By default, this means he despises anything New York sports related.

To contact Chris, you can visit:



or email: chrisdibella@outlook.com


6 thoughts on “About The Author”

  1. So you’re the writer from Denver?! I thought that was you!

  2. Hey Chris,
    I love the header image/clipping. Too funny.
    All the best with your blog and your writing!
    Rob (TyCobbsTeeth)

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