In 1942, a wartime aircraft is on a bombing mission when it disappears during a violent storm with a large ordnance onboard. The whereabouts of the plane remains shrouded in mystery for over seventy years until it is finally located during an expedition led by a relative of a pilot for the doomed flight.
Sean Mercer and NESA are in Myanmar doing research in an effort to help the coastal region’s coral reefs regain their sustainability when they come across the lifeless body of a doctor floating in the Andaman Sea. Upon researching the incident, they stumble across the sadistic plan of a ruthless businessman who plans to unleash a deadly virus among his own countrymen.
The mission becomes even more complicated when they offer to help a U.S. research team raise the long lost aircraft. With a ferocious monsoon bearing down on them, they must raise the World War Two bomber without detonating the massive payload contained within its hull before the storm makes landfall, all while trying to stop a madman from spreading an infectious disease.
Mercer must put an end to the tyrannical leader’s reign before it’s too late, something which could prove to be his most menacing ordeal yet.

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