In 1857, a steamship carrying a valuable cargo vanishes during a storm. For well over a century, her whereabouts are unknown until one day she is discovered lying beneath the forest of the Nicaraguan jungle.
Sean Mercer, along with NESA (National Environmental Security Agency), is in Nicaragua studying the effects of water pollution that have wreaked havoc on local communities.
What they uncover is more sinister and deadly than just the threat of tainted water. Mass genocide, brutal dictatorship, and a country living in fear of its own leaders is just the beginning of what Sean and his team must put an end to before it’s too late.
When knowledge of a ship with a priceless cache surfaces, two sides struggle to uncover the mystery of how and why the lost ship came to be buried so far from sea, and what exactly it is that lies beneath the dense forest floor.
Now, it’s a race against time to stop the bloodshed, find the ship, and retrieve the valuable cargo before Mercer and NESA become victims themselves.
If you love fast-paced action packed thrillers in the realm of Clive Cussler, then Lost Voyage is sure to satisfy your book reading appetite.

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