This post is meant to stir up some debate. There’s going to be harsh language and some nasty words said. I would love to hear people defending their teams and trying to explain to me why you think your team’s fans are the best, but please be warned… will not win this argument with me.

I absolutely despise players and coaches bragging about how great their fans are. You hear it after every big win, whether it’s the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, or that godawful NBA league’s champion is crowned. For the purposes of this post, I’ll just use the most recent team to do this – the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. (Damn it hurt to type that out)

Now yes, I’m a diehard Patriots fan from New England, and if they had won and the roles were reversed, I would be saying the same thing….there’s no such thing as the best fans in the world.

During his hoisting of the Lombardi Trophy, Eagles head coach, Doug Pederson, boasted about how Philly has the best fans in the world. I get it…he’s trying to cater to dimwitted fans who are dumb enough to believe that the coach or any other player is speaking directly to them and blah, blah, blah. So, how does Philly show they’re the best fans in the world?

They riot, loot, burn vehicles, destroy property (private and public), eat horse shit (yes, this happened, look it up), gang up on and beat down Minnesota fans outside their own stadium, and who knows whatever else…

Now, am I picking on the Eagles for this because they beat my beloved Patriots? No. Because Patriots fans would have done the same. It’s simply human nature to act like a buffoon (or more bluntly, an asshole) because your favorite team just won the big game. But, there is a line that cannot and should not be crossed.

Political opinions aside about how sports rioters are looked at and treated differently than protestor riots (because they are), any fan who willingly partakes in this nonsense should be arrested, fined, serve time depending on the crime, and possibly even shot. Yes, I said shot. If you try to burn a police vehicle (or my vehicle) because your team won a “magical” game, then you are putting yourself in a position to get shot.

Okay, so now I’ll leave the Eagles alone for a bit…

It’s not lost on me that New England Patriots fans rioted, looted, and burned whatever they could in Amherst after the Super Bowl loss. These people are just as much to blame for the downfall of our society. So, just because you’re pissed off that your team lost the big game, you somehow think that entitles you to take out your aggression on innocent people, objects, and property?

Oh boo hoo. My team lost so I’m going to pout like a two year old and stomp all over the place so that everyone can see how mad I am. The most ironic thing about this is that these people are most likely not even real “fans” to begin with. They’re just some morons who hopped on the winning bandwagon and feel they’re entitled to express rage because they’ve been a fan of the team for about two minutes. I grew up in and outside of Boston. I can tell you as an absolute fact that there were never this many Red Sox or Patriots fans when I was growing up. And you know why? Because they sucked ass, that’s why!

It wasn’t until the Sox won the Series and the Pats won the Super Bowl, that all of a sudden, everyone was a fan of the team. Suddenly, millions of people were somehow eager to show their approval or distaste for a win or a loss. Just call it what it is…an opportunity to act like an asshole because you want to be a part of the “it crowd”.

I’ve suffered through many losing seasons, and not once did I ever destroy property, or punch someone, or unfriend someone, or burn my house down because the Patriots started winning or losing Super Bowls. Does that make me better person than the people that do this stuff – you’re absolutely damn right it does. This form of aggression has been going on for years, and you’re either rioting because you’re a self-entitled moron who’s team won, or you’re a crybaby with butthurt feelings because your team lost. Either way, thousands of innocent people are affected because of this.

So, the next time you hear a player or coach say, “Man, we’ve got the best fans in the world”….just remember… these are some of those “best” people your team’s fan base has to offer…





And don’t forget about that Eagles fan I told you who ate horse shit…


Yes ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the cream of the crop of the best “fans” your team has to offer. I love my Patriots and I absolutely have a man-crush on the Golden Boy, Tom Brady, but not even I would eat horse shit just because the Patriots won the Super Bowl, even if he spoon fed it to me himself.

Okay, well if Tom Brady was directly spoon feeding it to me, then I might have to consid……ya know what, never mind.

As always, thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading!