I’ve been known to voice my opinion about my distaste for social media, and although I may rant about it from time to time, I also realize that I need it in order to reach the masses with my books. However, things are just out of control with what social media has turned into.

Remember when Facebook was first started? It was supposed to simply bring people together and allow them to get to know one another. How quickly that all changed…

No matter where you look these days (on your own page or your friends’ pages), there’s a 99.9999999 % chance you’ll find hate-filled, race-related, fear mongering, political bashing, fake news posts everywhere you look…in other words, it’s pushing people away from one another – a direct contrast to its original intent. It’s gotten so bad that you can’t even tell what the hell is real news anymore. People post, repost, and share things that simply aren’t true, yet hundreds of thousands of people believe it simply because it’s on the thing they love most in their life – Facebook.


A few weeks ago, I posted a satirical comment about how “I would post a picture of some flowers, but I thought it would just turn into a hate-filled and racist thread”. While the sole purpose of the comment was meant to be comical and get a laugh out of people, there was actually quite a bit of truth to my statement. Everything nowadays seems to inevitably lead down the path of destruction and mayhem where people are at each other’s throats simply over a matter of a difference of opinion. And if you disagree with someone else’s opinion, you’re automatically branded as a racist or bully for speaking out against them.

To those people, I say get over it…

Social media has turned us into a society where butthurt feelings are the norm and, should you dare to have a conflicting opinion on a topic, you’d better be prepared to be trolled beyond all holy hell from everyone who disagrees with you. Someone with enough “friends” can gather up the masses and pile a load of shit onto you like you wouldn’t believe, and it makes their worthless, pathetic lives seem just a bit more meaningful while they tear you down for having your own beliefs and opinions.

I recently made a few comments on a friend’s thread after he posted a picture about our basic rights as Americans. My comments were not malicious in any way, but rather my own opinion on the topic and to try to shed light on a different viewpoint of the issue. This was, of course, met with some resistance by people who thought they were an expert on the topic, and very quickly the overall tone of the thread had lost its meaning and was now a back and forth session of people arguing for the sake of arguing. While it didn’t get as bad as some threads, the conversation did make its way to the issue of race and bullying (which I was accused of).

Of course, it pissed me off, but I was more upset about the closed-mindedness of certain individuals who can’t seem to grasp the concept that maybe – just maybe – their opinion might not be the only one that matters…and that’s where social media has turned society against one another. People think because they have the platform to say whatever they want, that it means they should simply do just that.

News flash….no it doesn’t.

I’m all for free speech, but I’m more for intelligent speech. If you’re going to blatantly post something that isn’t true or is misleading in any way, expect to be called out on it. Everywhere you look, you see fake pictures and articles trying to bait people into hate-filled discussions and tirades. I’m more than okay with voicing my opinion to people about how wrong they are for doing so, but that doesn’t make me a bully. It makes me more intelligent.

Do some research next time before posting or sharing a picture of a Trump rally that never happened (and was actually a picture of a different city and was an NBA championship parade).


This picture was actually spread across the internet claiming to be a realistic photo…and millions ate it up and believed it was real. Before trying to incite a Facebook riot, make sure you know the cause you’re fighting for…because there just might not be any cause there at all.

Don’t get me wrong, social media has allowed many people, including myself, to reunite with long lost friends and make some new ones who have since become fans of my books, but the basic premise of social media is long gone…and unless people start to self-police themselves about what they do, what they share, and how they act toward one another, it’s only going to get worse.

Here’s a challenge…turn off Facebook for one whole day and get your news from reliable sources (not FOX, of course), and come back 24 hours later. I guarantee we’ll all still be there, but I can also guarantee that you’ll add about ten more years to your life by removing the nonsensical stress related to Facebook and all that it entails…

As always, thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading!